Tuesday, 21 April 2009


A big joker has been noticed on stardoll
she was noticed by some people because of her "manky" style
You should know who I am talking about!

This girl thinks she is "ONE & ONLY" on stardoll. she thinks the whole stardoll revolves around her, she thinks she is the "winner"
Now know who I am talking about by the word "WINNER"
Lmao n1mka4eva
yeah thats who I am talking about
she is so self obssesed
and her style resembles to a joker
just look at this.

She doesnt just dress up like a joker!
She amuses people like joker too for example her fight with people these days carcks me up because all she says is "I won"
LMAO when she says that i cant stop laughing bcause she sounds like a wet cat who just soaked its head in the toilet and is saying "I WON"
LOL won what the toilet?
Well maybe she deserves to win the toilet for her trashy style and attitude

Well she is sooo "two faced"
that she even admitted it herself
Need proof?
here her presentation...

Monday, 20 April 2009


You know this person who tries to be original but fails all the time
Because this person copies fakeshake3 all the time?
You know who

Well yes melissa54321
She tries to be famouse by using fakeshake3's style but fails badly each time
If not a whole outfit but each day she wears something the same as fakeshake3
today There wasnt a major copying going on but spotted some stuff

Yeah thats just a little proof.
I cheked her "celebrity look-a-like" it was same as fakeshake3
I checked her presentation, DEADLY same layout like fakeshake3 with pictures placed in the same place as fakeshake3

Now thats what I call "A stardoll CAT"
melissa54321 you'll never be popular this way but mocked every time!

Love her OR hate her?

This girl who I am talking about is
so sweet
guessed it yet??

come on its fionamcgonigle
you either love her or hate her.

She has one side and only one side
She is sweet
and not two faced like most 'Elites'
She has an amazing suite and theres not a one time i've ever heard something bad about her.
Her medoll describes it all...

Icone or TRASH?

You know who I am talking about?
come on Im talking about bluegreen86
She is so up her ass she thinks she made a trademark on stardoll
But the truth is she is a piece of trash,
Fakeshake3 has soo much better style, and so does undamyumbrellla
I could sit here and name thousands of people from stardoll who look better than her all the time
but yet still she sicks her ass up to be worshiped!
Dont agree with me?
Check her style which maybe you havent seen because she only wore it for one day, I recieved this picture in a link from a friend.

Now do you agree with me?
Enough said right?

Fake or REAL?

So I have been hearing alot about fakeshake3
I absolutely dont hate her!
I love her style
Her uniqueness
But one thing I hate is that she thinks she is over the top of all the others!
But come on you all copy her style I could sit here all day writing names of people who copy her style each time!
Fakeshake3 is a true style icone!
Keep on shining!

First Hit!

Well first of I'd like to introduce this blog,
So I made this anonymous blog to show you the real stardoll
By REAL I mean to show you the REAL phases of 'Elites' and wanabe's

As you can see from the pic above!

My first Hit is undamyumbrellla
I would'nt dare to insult her because I love her uniqueness,
She is truthful and does not go and Shit about other people!
She does not provoke people

So Kasia is the first Hit and is not Mocked but complimented!